Bioethanol Definition

—Today alcohol refers to ethanol. In chemistry, it is the function name. OH (an oxygen atom attached to hydrogen atom).
We find this group in many organic molecules. Alcohols are organic molecules  (Example: ethanol CH3CH2OH, methanol CH3OH).


—Bioethanol  is a biofuel an ecological alternative to today’s fuel. We obtain this bioethanol with vegetable biomass an important reserve of energy.


The making of ethanol

We introduce canteen food wastes in 250 L barrel and we fermented during 3 months; After this Fermentation we distilled with our Alembic and we obtain ethanol + water.


We obtain this two chemistry equations :

For saccharose and glucose :



This Bioethanol can be mixed with fuel. We obtain E10=10% of ethanol; E80=80% of ethanol ...etc. If we have 20% of ethanol we need an ethanol Kit to the motor.

Our Experiment

  • Selective Sorting

We have create in our school kitchen a selective sorting. This selective sorting contain 3 barrels.

- First barrel contain fruits, vegetables with sugar necessary to making of ethanol.

- Second barrel contain meats and food starch.

-Third barrel contain all non-food wastes

We pick out the first barrel and we separate sugar food and non-food wastes (paper...etc). After, we have transfered this wates in 250L barrel, we have added water and yeast. And we fermented during 3 months.

Img 196



  • Ethanol Distillation with our Alembic

We have create our Alembic with presssure cocotte and cooling tube (cold water).

Ethanol production in industry